Rancho Buena Vista Adobe doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but it’s my new favorite San Diego wedding venue! Such a beautiful backdrop and Caitlin made a great choice to go bold with the colorful flowers and full tables. She sourced all the vintage glassware herself, and we alternated floral centerpieces and bud vases so the tables were full of personality.. just like Caitlin and her contagious smile 🙂 It also brought to mind the rich heritage of this historical San Diego site.

We repurposed the hexagon arch flowers to ANOTHER arch that was behind the sweetheart table. First time repurposing flowers from one arch to another, and it was a little challenging to do it quickly, but I really love the final look. I am always down to repurpose flowers from your ceremony to your reception as long as it makes sense. Not all ceremony flowers transport well, and sometimes we just don’t have the time (once photos are taken and we are allowed to start moving things, cocktail hours is almost over! So we have to hustle before your guests are seated!). But if it makes sense I will suggest it along with a small repurposing fee, or offer alternative ways to re-use your flowers.  I want to be mindful of waste and reduce single-use flowers!